Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you contacting me?

We are doing a survey to see if there is enough interest to run fiber in the area.

  1. What is fiber?

Fiber is a silicone based product like glass but has the thickness of a human hair. It is used to transport data in the form of light from end to end. It is the media that high speed internet runs on.

  1. What makes the fiber better than what I currently have?

Fiber is more reliable and capable of higher speeds. Wireless and DSL (Copper) have higher probabilities of outages due to inclement weather/storms. Fiber doesn’t conduct electricity so it won’t short out. The electronics that hook into the fiber help us troubleshoot problems quickly.

  1. How much will the service cost?

We can’t say exactly how much it would cost right now but we estimate that it will be competitively priced for 100 MBps download and 100 MBps upload speeds.

  1. How much speed would I need?

It depends on what you will use the service for. If you play video games on a gaming console or use video chat we would recommend 100/100 MBps speeds. If you check email or check the weather we recommend 50/50 MBps speeds.

  1. Can I have phone with this service?

Yes you can. However, it will be an additional charge to add phone to your service.

  1. How much would the phone cost?

We can’t say exactly how much the cost will be to add the phone but we can estimate that it will be competitively priced to add a phone line.

  1. How much would it cost me to hook up?

We wouldn’t charge to run the fiber up to the home and mount a box to the side of the house while the contractor is in the area. We will have an installation fee to run the service into the house.

  1. When would be the soonest I can be hooked up?

As of right now, we are just conducting a survey to see if there is enough interest to see if it is worth moving forward with the project. We are hoping that if there is enough interest, supplies are in stock, weather cooperates, and contractors’ schedules don’t conflict that you could be hooked up the summer of 2025.